Dream came true!

“Dream House”* — is an excellent choice for those who are looking for an affordable but high quality lodging in Brest.

In the heart of Brest

We propose you lodging in a big appartment in a new elite house in the very heart of Brest. It’s only about 7 minutes walk from the railway station and just in several steps from the main pedestrian street Sovetskaya — one of the favourite places of residents and visitors of the city.

Appartment's address
Mayakovskogo Str. 17/1, app. #5
Brest, 224005
Republic of Belarus
+375 33 361 03 15
+375 16 253 14 99 Email: dream.hostel.belarus@mail.ru
Skype: dream.hostel.belarus

How to get to the entrance.

The provision of a short term lodging is the activity of Individual entrepreneur Klimovich V. V. (Registered on 05.12.2011 by the administration of the Lenensky district of the Brest city. The registration number is 290051076). Legal address: 224005, Brest, Mayakovskogo Str. 17/1, app. #5

Your stay is based on a contract of engagement. The contract is signed at the time of settlement (24h). Our representative on duty will answer all questions related to the settlement and living. You will also be provided with informational materials about Brest Fortress, Belovezhskaya Pushcha (UNESCO World Heritage), and Belaya Vezha.

The appartment is equipped with furniture for a comfortable short term living, including personal lockers and a washing machine. For free:

Welcome to “Dream House”!